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Music for Film and Exhibition II CD Old Europa Cafe OECD135 music by the RAISON D'ETRE-mastermind composed for a Swedish "Cold War" exhibition in Linkoping, two tracks for exhibition movies, others as sonic atmospheres for the exhibition rooms; the sequel to the Yantra doCD from 2007 2010 €13.00
Music for Film and Exhibition do-CD & DVD Infinite Fog Productions IF-19 the complete "Music for Film & Exhibition I" (works 1999-2006, 151 min.) by the RAISON D'ETRE mastermind plus a DVD with his film "Natura Fluxus" and some bonuses (total time 83 min.)... lim. 400 luxus digibook design 2011 €29.00
Music for Film and Exhibition 3 CD Wrotycz Records WRT 018 third collection of solo works and soundtracks for various exhibtions and films, a different sides of the genius of PETER ANDERSSONs (RAISON D'ETRE) work is revealed; touching wider stylistic realms... six works, 74+ minutes playtime 2013 €12.00
Timewaves CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 260 a collection of six tracks that show a different side of the RAISON D'ETRE-master: all pieces are 'serious works' for Swedish museums or exhibitions and use lots of field- or object recordings, a nice supplement to his oeuvre... "the music is a bit darker, more industrial and experimental than previous exhibition albums from Peter Andersson, but still enigmatic." ed. of only 300 copies 2018 €13.00