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Caged inside the Beast of the Forge CD Wrotycz Records WRT 017 fourth studio album by the ongoing band-project of two Swedish subjects named the same (= PETER ANDERSSON), better known as DEUTSCH NEPAL & RAISON D'ETRE; bleak & haunting atmosphere, sluggish metal pulses, strange sounds & odd harmonies... very atmospheric & experimental & otherwordly droney, adding more noise & dirt sometimes.. (9 tracks in total, 57+ minutes playtime); just excellent ! 2013 €13.00
Ironic Discomfort and Cheesy Manners CD Yantra Atmospheres YA-2019-95 the two PETER ANDERSSONs from BOXHOLM, Sweden, better known with their main projects DEUTSCH NEPAL and RAISON D\'ETRE, documented here on rare live recordings (2014-2015), with their always pulsating cold ambient machine industrial tunes... culled from three locations: their hometown in Sweden (\"for the first and probably last time\"), USA (\"Machines with Magnest\" festival) and Poland (Wrotycz Records festival) 2019 €13.00