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Supernaturalist CD EE Tapes EE12 Der Ambient-Geheimtip BRIAN LAVELLE schafft behutsame Klangfigurationen, die wie Schatten im Raum liegen; vertrńumt bis mysteri÷s schimmern seine akustischen Gebilde aus "electronics, field recordings, synth, piano & bass guitar", alles driftet wie in Trance dahin... // lim. 300 / 7"-cover with silkscreen-print 2008 €13.00
The petrified Forest mCD-R Taalem alm 51 "Brian Lavelle recently surprised us 'Supernaturalist', and the two pieces here were recorded just before that and show the best side of his: manipulating field recordings and very much altering them into microscopic detailed pieces of ambient drones. Slowly changing patterns of what seems to be rain fall, deep bass sounds in 'The Wood Turned Dark And Silent' and more synthetic in 'This Twisting Glade', which sounds like a church organ being dissected. Very nice." [FdW / Vital Weekly] 2008 €5.00