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Song Drapes CD Tzadik TZ 7045 JERRY HUNT was a composer of bizarre but somehow hypnotic electro-acoustic soundscapes that still sound unique today, with self build equipment and performances designed as neo-shamanistic rituals; "Song drapes" were created shortly before his death, a co-operation with two female singers SHELLEY HIRSCH and KAREN FINLEY, who add very expressive, experimental vocalisations to his tracks... unique stuff almost beyond description ! 1999 €16.50
Phalba CD Tzadik TZ 7093 four compositions by this unique US composer ("and modern day shaman") who died already in 1993 - these are pieces written for different line ups and electronics, performed by THE BARTON WORKSHOP in 2000 & 2003... central is the very long "Cantegral Segment No. 19" (31+ min.)...."Includes an extended piece for trombone and electronics, two colorful compositions for ensemble and a charming minimalist piece for violin and piano" . 2004 €16.50
Five Mechanic Convention Streams do-LP Blank Forms Editions BF-036 luxurious re-issue of the last CD (1992) from this remarkable US American outsider composer with unique sounding... - "Its tracks are dense and unpredictable, a miscellany of arrhythmic bursts, fragments of spoken and whispered words, soft then fevered rattles and shaking, and a rare return to pianoforte for the virtuoso player." - all material is based on the ideas of 16th century occultist JOHN DEE and still sounds completely unclassifiable and almost inaccessible, like early NWW, etc.. 2022 €37.50