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Radiating Perpetual Light CD Loki Foundation LOKI59 third album by the hypno electronic / space ambience project from Leipzig, now impressing with a more melancholic & meditative atmosphere with slow electronic pulses & almost orchestral arrangements, all very focused, structured & clear... the most refined CIRCULAR longplayer yet ! 2013 €13.00
Ghostwhite CD Loki Foundation LOKI 69 fourth full length album by CIRCULAR (since 2006), who always constructs very carefully his vision of the darker side of 'cosmic music' - "Circular shines with his new album and creates haunting and gripping sonic works that capture the imagination. Beautiful melodies and rhythms contrast the field recordings and sounds of modular synthesizers to build an abstract image spanning the entirety of the inner cinema." - 6 panel ecopak design 2019 €12.00