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Halogen LP Dirter Promotions DPROMLP109 studio album released 1994 produced by STEVE ALBINI (artwork TREVOR BROWN), incl. their smash hit "Lightning struck my dick";) ;) this is the first vinyl re-issue 2015 €23.00
Buchenwald CD Susaw Lawly SLCD014 re-issue of LP from 1981 - comes with 12p. booklet incl. photos, info, orig. artwork.. - "incredibly bleak and chilling, an album demonstrating a raw, haunting electricity following the direct harshness of Dedicated To Peter Kurten.." 2021 €15.00
Dedicated to Peter Kurten CD Susan Lawly SLCD013 the extremely provocating industrial milestone from 1981, inspired by Germanys most well known serial killer from the Weimar Republic... - "its transgressive themes and wild electronic harshness became a critical defining influence on, indeed often template for, the noise and power electronics genres of the mid/late 80s and long beyond." - 40th anniversary edition with 12 page booklet packed with photos, information, plus the original LP inserts and artwork 2021 €15.00