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Piano Suspenso CD Sonoris SON-21 back in stock this great solo-CD of OSSO EXOTICO-member! special priced now 1999 €10.00
Noe's Lullaby CD Rossbin Rs 004 the fourth solo-album for the OSSO EXOTICO mastermind is an epic work (52+ min) for a 7 piece ensemble, feat. all O.E. members + guitarist MANUEL MOTA, sax player RODRIGO AMADO, + drummer LUIS DESIRAT => very creepy, droney, slowed down percussion and guitar pulses, lots of cymbal-sounds,glass harmonics, bowed strings... always evolving, complex + atmospheric, mysteriously breathing..."as fascinating on an intellectual level as it is luxurious on a purely sensual one." [Allmusic.com] - special offer now! 2007 €6.00