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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
The Beatlerape (Sound effects library Volume four) CD Staalplaat STBCO originally released 1993 on Realization, now completely re-worked ! 0000 €13.00
Greatest Hits and Test Tones CD Pogus Productions P2015-2 second BCO-CD back in stock !! 1993 €13.00
A Childs guarden of noize (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-04   1994  
Don't let him touch you MC Black Orchid Productions # 10 C-60 release, re-stock of rare MC on Slovakian label 1999 €6.50
New Beat for Baby CD-R Negative Foundation NF-04 rare Finnish CD-R only release (BCO firming as "BIG SITI OOKESTRA) doing their uncopyable loopy organic drones; 54 min., incl. 'sounds effects library Vol. 11'; we got the remaining copies from the label! Professional cover & reproduction, printed labels 2002 €8.00
Airre CD-R Entr'acte 27 second edition now available! 2005 €12.00
Drone Gnomes (SOLD OUT) 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-05 ed. of 500 in light blue marmor-vinyl / full-colour cover by well known designer MIKE DRINGENBERG ! / 5th part in our 10"-series dealing with acoustic ideas about the "something" we can't know anything about.... 2006 €12.00  
Probe CD-R Black Orchid Productions # 53 74 minutes of unique obscurism-drones & noises by DAS & his friends (here: NINAH PIXIE, CLIFF NEIGHBOURS, JESSE BURSON, MELISSA MARGOLIS); perfect sounds for a new programming of your brain! 2006 €7.00
Eerily CD EE Tapes EE17 back in stock this strangely - obscurely - mysteriously - droning & looping BCO-album, feat. DAVID AELLEN (GONG) and JONATHAN SEGEL (CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN)! Lim. 300 in 7"-cover with unique poly-colour silkscreen inlay, each one unique & numbered! very nice edition ! 2009 €13.00
Love is... CD-R Roil Noise RNOCDR119 MELODIES OF LOVE! B.C.O. re-interpretates famous love songs, incredible stuff again! Features lots of guest-musicians and the "Sound Effects Library # 23"; full colour pro CDr, professional cover & duplication 2011 €9.00
Salty Sea Shanties 7inch Ubuibi Org. right in time to BCO's "SONIC UTOPIA" tour October 2012 through Europe & the 30th anniversary of the band (= BILGE SEAWEED ORCASTRUA for this relase) this 7" comes on oceanic split-coloured vinyl (half light & half dark blue) with six tracks of weird ocean-tales songs between earplay & craziness, that proof once again BCO are on of the most exceoptional "bands" on earth, and beyond.. well, not really a "band", rather a mystery we still fail to understand; feat. ROBO, DAVID AELLEN, CHERYL E. LEONARD, etc.. 2012 €6.00
Impetuoso MC Impulsy Stetoskopu 037 another trip into BCO's very own dimension of enchanting ambient scapes, unbelievable weird collages & rumbling drones.. C-90, lim. 100, printed silver paper cover with extra fragile paper sleeve, very handmade.. 2013 €8.00
Stanchenzza CD Obfuscated OR 19 CD finally a new proper full-length CD by BCO, 'Stanchenzza' is full of dancing overtunes & subtle e-drones, a great atmospheric set with some special mind-bending moments of course.. 65+ min 2013 €14.00
Kapellmeister CD-R Hal Tapes ten new tracks of atmospheric xxx-ness by the cassette-cult act, this is the lim. CDR version... "oneiric collage confusion with keyboardisms infiltrated with radio hum and vinyl itch" 2015 €8.50