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(Old School) James Tenney CD Zeitkratzer Records zkr 0010 three TENNEY pieces performed by ZEITKRATZER: "Critical Band" (1988), "Harmonium # 2" (1976), "Koan: Having never written a Note for Percussion" (1971) 2010 €14.00
(Old School) John Cage CD Zeitkratzer Records zkr 0009 three CAGE pieces performed by ZEITKRATZER: "Four" (1992), "Five" (1988), "Hymnkus" (1986), rec. in 2006 2010 €14.00
[old School] Alvin Lucier CD Zeitkratzer Records zkr 0011 five pieces by ALVIN LUCIER performed by ZEITKRATZER in their unique way; third part in the new "old school" series, interpreting works of modern classic composers 2010 €15.00
(Old School) KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN CD Zeitkratzer Records zkr012 Fourth in the "old school"-series, working on five pieces from STOCKHAUSENs "Aus den sieben Tagen" - cycle, which is a precisely organized text composition without a single given note 2011 €14.00
Songs LP Bocian Records bcZ ZEITKRATZER playing real "songs" with vocals (by MARC WEISER aka RECHENZENTRUM) in their typical way with incredible result; heavily orchestrated, excessive.. "what a beautiful goodbye to Pop" 2012 €16.00
Grand Orchestra CD Tochnit Aleph [TA113] massive piece for "mixed orchestra & bagpipes", performed in Berlin at "Haus der Kulturen" in August 2011, performed with a huge 'orchestra' of amateurs (60 people of all kinds playing against a bagpipe ensemble!!), arranged and mixed by ZEITKRATZER; a very physical, intense wall of sound, oscillating between chaotic / atonal ecstasy with thousands of microsounds and structured / droning density... 2013 €13.00
Serbian War Songs LP Karlrecords KR037 in collaboration with three Serbian singers / players ZEITKRATZER have interpreted traditional Serbian War Songs from / about the 1st. World War, recorded at Haus der Kulturen in Berlin in January 2016: the very powerful East-European chanting and singing is underlined with different kinds of acoustic instrumentation, from noise to structured phrases to atmospheric poly-drones, the emphasis lies on the lyrics which give deep insight to the people's emotions and fears... lim. 300 with inlay & translations 2017 €18.00
Zeitkratzer performs Songs from 'Kraftwerk' and 'Kraftwerk 2' LP Karlrecords KR035 / Parnassus Series the Berlin based ensemble interpretes songs from the early KRAFTWERK-area (1970-1972 - before they went completely electronic): Ruckzuck, Spule 4, Strom, Atem, Klingklang, Megaherz; performed with 10 players on flute, clarinet, french horn, trombone, harmonium, piano, guitar, drums, 2 x violins, violoncelle and double bass, this gives new emphasis on the first two KRAFTWERK albums that have never been re-issued... rec. live May 2016 in Marseille, lim. 500 2017 €18.00
Zeitkratzer performs Songs from the Albums 'Kraftwerk 2' And 'Kraftwerk' LP Karlrecords KR069 after the big success of Vol.1 now the second part with "cover versions" (rather new interpretations) of early KRAFTWERK songs (from their first two albums, published 1970-1972): "Harmonika", "Stratovarius", "Vom Himmel Hoch", "Wellenlńnge" - "ZEITKRATZERĺs interpretations are bouncy, horn-driven motorik grooves, static explorations of pointillistic overtones, breathy Zen-like meditations, and rollicking rhythms." - recorded live at Hellerau, Dresden, Jan. 2019; ed. of 500 copies 2019 €18.00