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Phlegra (etc.) do-CD Apex 2564 64202-2 diverse works mainly from his late period (80's & 90's), previously released as single CDs in 1990 & 1992; incl. 16 page booklet 2007 €14.00
Orchestral Works CD Mode Records MODE299 METASTASEIS A (1953-1954) for 65 musicians, TERRETEKTHORH(1965-66) for 88 musicians, NOMOS GAMMA (1967-68) for 98 musicians, the latter with the musicians distributed in a large circle in the audience... "the listener, each one individually, will find himself either perched on top of a mountain in the middle of a storm which attacks him from all sides, or in a frail barque tossing on the open sea, or again in a universe dotted about with little stars of sound, moving in compact nebulae or isolated." 2018 €17.00
Persepolis LP Karlrecords KR044 the Non Plus Ultra version of XENAKIS famous piece which was premiered in 1971 in Iran, comissioned by the Persian Shah (!) => XENAKIS longest electroacoustic composition (54 min) was now re-mastered by MARTIN WURMNEST (ZEITKRATZER) from the original 8 track tapes, and cut by RASHAD BECKER; comes with inlay & liner notes by REINHOLD FRIEDL; first vinyl re-issue since the 70's !! 2018 €18.00