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The Cartesian Plane pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa033 another release in this lovely series (artwork painting & sound by the same artist) - the first vinyl appearance of KEITH BERRY, creating subtle & graceful drones of timeless transcension... lim. 233 copies 2010 €17.50
Elixir CD Invisible Birds ib010 new release on this fine label dedicated to birds and the landscapes they inhabit: the British ambient artist KEITH BERRY with his extremely subtle; organ-like, amorphous movements; distilled like alchemical matter from older recordings.... "like falling snow, his dreamy work drifts with a poetic chill and tranquil hypnosis through which peripheral elements tease the listener with subtle details. it's so damn beautiful..." [JIM HAYNES] 2017 €13.00
Simulacra do-CD Infraction INFX 069 this British ambient composer got more and more active lately with his purely electronic, highly suspended and weightless dream sound clouds, organic, repetitive and timeless.. "creating the sort of brain-fogged beauty I can only imagine coming out of a pure and dreamless night... he knows exactly how to make an ear-coating lullaby, using slowly avalanching chords and raindrop tape hiss towards total peace." [Norman Rec.] 2017 €17.50