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Straight Edge XXS LP Dekorder 025 lim. 500 / 2nd vinyl album from this project from Tampere, Finland 2008 €12.50
The Source has its rare Beauty MC Outlier Communications OCOMM4 UTON is a Finnish "bizarre psychedelia / ambient / noise" project, active for over more than 20 years now (remember 3 LPs on DEKORDER) - thisC-49 (lim. 55 copies) is out on Canadians OULTIER and based on acoustic guitar performed with an electronic massager to create resonating minimal drones...- "That noise penetrates from and into the depths; from and into The Source - to our life and form - and continues this loop eternally. It's an esoteric energy bank, a power charger for the inner batteries" 2022 €9.00