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same CD Starlight Furniture *24   2004 €16.00
Text of Light 3 x CD-Box Dirter Prod. lim metal-box with imbossing. TEXT OF LIGHT is LEE RANALDO & ALAN LICHT, WILLIAM HOOKER, CHRISTIAN MARCLAY, TIM BARNES, ULRICH KRIEGER, DJ OLIVE, ... 2006 €34.00
Un Pranzo favoloso CD FinalMuzik FM05 the experimental impro / noise - project of LEE RANALDO (SONIC YOUTH), ALAN LICHT, TIM BARNES and ULRICH KRIEGER played live to STAN BRAKHAGE movies in May 2005 in Pordenone, Italy => on guitar-electronics-sax-drums-percussion unusual and irrecognizable rough sounds were created, forming a most abstract & dynamic soundsculpture... 2006 €10.00