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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Cotidie Morimur (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-10 the only vinyl release during their existence for this legendary Italian "archaic drone" tape project; original first edition / unplayed / individually printed cover / lim.+numbered 250 copies 1995 €6.00  
Fabula Rasa CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 37   2001 €13.00
Cotidie Morimur (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-10 (2nd) re-pressing of 300 copies on coloured vinyl & w. printed full-colour covers! 2003 €6.00  
Egomachia CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 299 * Egomachia = the fight of the ego is the concept behind this album * => the old Italian cult cassette project (with highest activity in the late 80\'s / early 90\'s, and an early Drone Rec. 7\") is back with a full length album after almost 20 years! => \"Egomachia\" was created entirely on non-traditional or self-built instruments, without the use of loops; the result sounds raw and unpolished, between handplayed archaic drone and a kind of fake ethno industrial, with lots of blowing and metallic sounds, very original stuff for non-easy listening!! A great comeback!! 2022 €13.00