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Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band All Night Flight CD Elision Fields EF103 re-issued. live Suny Buffalo, NY, 22.March 1968 2006 €14.00
In C LP Columbia Masterworks MS 7178 the first ever recording (= most original version) of this famous minimal music piece, recorded at 30th Street Studio in New York City in 1968; instrumentation: saxophone, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, clarinet, flute, viola, trombone, vibraphone, and marimbaphone; 180gr vinyl, original cover reproduction, gatefold cover 2012 €22.00
The 3 Generations Trio CD I Dischi Di Angelica IDA 034 TERRY RILEY, GYAN RILEY, TRACY SILVERMAN, on Synths, Piano, Voice, Harmonizer, Guitars, E-Violin: 77+ min. of high quality material (6 long tracks) recorded during two days at the AngelicA festival in Modena, Italy, in May 2013, a mixture of his meditative/minimal Raga-music style and more song-based Jazz / Folk / Progrock compositions and improvisations... 2015 €14.00