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Partitas for long strings CD XI Records XI 122   1998 €14.00
A Magic Square of 5 to look at CD Plinkity Plonk PLINK 015 endless slow motion waves of whirring drone expanses, a "magic square" served as conceptual basis of this soundart composition, combined with the mathematics of cosmic harmonies... a must for everyone who likes VON HAUSSWOLFF or JACOB KIRKEGAARD we think! BACK IN STOCK! 2004 €13.00
Pendulum Change LP Edition Telemark 314.03 recordings of the installation 'Pendulum Change Ringing' (Belgium 2012), consisting of 12 Turkish metal platters being connected in a certain way (20 meters long row), regulated by tiny electro-motors, resulting in complex rhythmic metal percussion / overtune patterns... curious sound art release by the Dutch PANHUYSEN, known for his long string installations... lim. 300 2014 €22.00
Long String Installations 3 x LP Edition Telemark 785.04 various recordings of PANHUYSENs "long string installations", made between 1982-2017 => not the expectable overtone drones, but quite noisy, low-fi, distorted and otherwise curious raw sounds are pelted to you, using all kinds of eleveted objects... featured are 17 so far unreleased recordings, from huge galleries and performance spaces around the world; comes in 3-panel gatefold-sleeve with printed covers and liner notes, lim. 250 copies 2018 €55.00