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RegenstŘcke Vol. 1 LP GOD Records GOD08 two pieces (1992/1993) from PETER ABLINGERs ''RegenstŘcke' series dealing with 'rain aesthetic' in pure instrumental form, written for 3 pianists and 1 percussionist; "KEIN BILD. Keine Bilder. Minimaler Ausdruck von Prńsenz. Gegenwart. Reduktion auf pure Gegenwart. Auf Klang. In jedem Klang M÷glichkeit" [notes from ABLINGER taken from the inlay] 2012 €16.00
RegenstŘcke Vol. 2 LP GOD Records GOD18 four more pieces from PETER ABLINGERs 'RegenstŘcke' series (recorded / produced from 1997 to 2013 in Berlin, Graz, Linz (studio, live, installation), using field recordings intertwined with ensemble/orchestra music... "City noise, landscape sounds, rain drops, boosted with powerful instrumentation - simple and almost manifestly." 2013 €16.00