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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Desire in Uneasiness CD Crucial Blast CBR65 NEW material, for the first time with live-drummer instead of drum-machine! ### nice mini-gatefold cover ### SPECIAL PRICED NOW 2008 €8.00
Skin Turns to Glass CD The End Records TE101 re-issue of the 3 pieces from the CDR from 2003 (Nothingness Records) in different / new versions, plus unlisted bonus-track! 2008 €12.00
Trembled CD Utech Records 024 re-issue of deleted CDR album from 2006, contains two bonus tracks that are not on the original version; BACK IN STOCK 2008 €13.00
Corrasion do-LP Basses Frequences BF12 re-issue of the album from 2003 / 2007 incl. new versions and one track previously only available as MP3 single; gatefold cover lim. 400, last copies BACK IN STOCK! => "das vielleicht bisher eingngigste NADJA-Album, himmlische Melodien & wuchtige Arrangements, wundersame Drone-Sphren und geisterhaft gehauchter Gesang, im Spannungsfeld und Treffpunkt von Metal, Post-Rock und Sphren-Drone... [Drone Rec. info] 2009 €25.00
Numbness CD Happy Prince HPPR 009 collection of more "shoegaze" oriented material taken from diverse compilations and other rare releases 2009 €16.00
When I see the Sun always shines on TV CD The End Records TE134 remarkable album which has cover-versions only of songs from MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE CURE, A-HA, THE SWANS, CODEINE, SLAYER, ELLIOT SMITH and KIDS IN THE HALL; 2009 €15.00
Autopergamene CD Essence Music ESS013 recommended Brasilian release back in stock! "from blissful, paced and almost orchestral hymns to lush acoustic guitars and super distorted, fuzzed out rumbling sludge riffages. Breathtaking." lim. 800 w. extremely nice "Rorschach-test" cover (6 panel digisleeve) & 6 inlay cards 2010 €14.00
Ruins of Morning (SOLD OUT) 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-13 experience the avantgardish drone-metal duo at their most dark & beautiful; 500 copies on GOLDen vinyl, fantastic artwork by Marcin Lojek (ibsendesign.pl). One very long track spread on two sides / parts, playtime 40+ minutes !! This is also the very first 10" vinyl from NADJA, be quick if interested, we expect this to sell out very fast !! 2010 €15.00  
Sky Burial CD Latitudes GMT 0:22 two long tracks rec. Sept. 2009 - lim. / numb. ed. 1000 copies, showing NADJA from their droney & ecstatic experimental side !! Highly recommended ! 2010 €13.00
Under the Jaguar Sun do-LP Beta-lactam Ring Records mt175b this vinyl version features three completely different remixes (from last years do-CD with the same name) by NADJA and a real stunning one by EDWARD KA-SPEL! Comes in oversized "book bound" full colour gatefold sleeve 2010 €26.50
Thaumogenesis CD Broken Spine Productions BSPR02 another re-press of one of NADJAs best albums (originally released 2007), containing one long epic track (61+ min) of heavy but somehow dreamy doom drone.... 'like some Frankensteinian collage of Godflesh, Jesu, Sunn O))) and old Swans' [Aquarius Rec.] 2012 €12.00
Bodycage CD Broken Spine BSPR01 re-issue of this early and much requested NADJA-album with three epic tracks from 2005; nice letter-press cover 2013 €12.00
Flipper LP Oaken Palace Records OAK-003 special release dedicated to dolphin & wales, all profits are donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation; four long tracks, feat. ANGELA CHAN & PETER BRODERICK (on violin & viola); very subtle, slow, harmonic & beautiful... definitely one of our most favourite NADJA release; comes with free download code, clear vinyl, lim. 500, 180gr. vinyl 2013 €20.00
Paradox Incubate 15.09.14 LP + CD Consouling Sounds SOULXXXXIV only 5 days after the performance in Tilburg at the INCUBATE festival (15.09.14) this LP of the concert recordings was released, in a limited edition of 300 copies with additional CD version of the same album included => tracks from the great "Queller" album and long ambient-drone passages...excellent sound quality, 41+ min. playtime, a very nice document ! 2014 €18.50
Tangled 7inch Broken Spine Productions BSP007 last copies of this limited new tour single, with surprising doom metal material!! lim. 200, nice vellum paper cover 2014 €8.50
Queller CD Essence Music ESS021-R second ed. re-issue of the Essence LP from 2014 that sold out immediately, for many listeners (and us) one of the best NAJDA LPs ever....four tracks of what is now called "DREAMGAZE", ethereal slow motion heaviness; comes in a wonderful designed oversized mini-gatefold cover, silkscreened & with die-cut bellyband and mini-poster, lim. 450 copies 2016 €15.00
The Stone is not hit by the Sun, nor carved with a Knife CD Gizeh Rec. GZH 070CD studio album with three new tracks recorded 2015, inspired by a runic inscription on an Icelandic burial stone.... "Slow, heavily distorted doom songs, alternating with atmospheric guitar ambient, drums and delayed shoegazing vocals, this is Nadja pur-sang" [Merchants of Air] - the CD version has a fourth bonus track!!! 2016 €15.00
Autopergamene do-LP Throne Records TR78 re-arranged re-issue of the CD from 2010 (Essence Music), one of the highlights in the NADJA discography! The three tracks have been re-mixed to form three side-long tracks, plus there's an unreleased fourth track on Side D, built from segments of the others... black vinyl lim. 200, gatefold cover 2018 €25.00
Luminous Rot LP Southern Lord LORD285 almost three years after the glorious "Sonnborner" NADJA are back on the SUNN O)))-label Southern Lord, with this heavily distorted, throbbing & pulsing drone-doom monster, everything seems to blur inside thick atmospheric air, a full dose of (sub) bassy, oneiric hallucination... - comes on milky, YELLOW vinyl (lim. 500), w. colourful gatefold cover 2021 €20.00
Labyrinthine CD BROKEN SPINE PRODUCTIONS BSP 014 extremely heavy, doomy new album with special concept => "Four extended tracks of atmospheric doom sludge, each with a different guest vocalist: Alan Dubin (Gnaw, Khanate), Rachel Davies (Esben & The Witch), Lane Shi Otayonii (Elizabeth Colour Wheel), & Dylan Walker (Full of Hell)....Labyrinthine explores themes of identity and loss, monstrosity and regret, extreme asceticism, the differences between labyrinths and mazes, etc.. " - no vinyl version, but numerous Cassette versions on other labels exist! 2022 €13.00