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In their Homes and in their Heads 7inch Drone Records DR-85 field- & object recordings (from a garden in London, an old computer, a broken necklace) form two amazing "concrete drone" pieces: "... they take you on a trip into an other world of low drones and high-pitched noises, crunching and gritting microsounds, surprising cut-ups, all very near and clear..." - lim. 300 copies on clear vinyl, handmade cover art 2007 €7.00
We share a Shadow CD Helen Scarsdale Agency hms011 two masterpieces of processed field recordings, almost poetic 'concrete' drones, shimmering & emotional... lim. ed. of 300 with hand water-coloured artwork & letter-press 2008 €14.00
Specular Reflection (Liquid Solid Redux 2000-2010) mCDR Taalem alm82 interesting concept: this is the "digital version" (digitally re-worked sound sources) of a piece from 2000 that used the same sound sources processed in an analogue (4-track machine) way... mysterious metallic drones & concrete drops, wonderful.. 2012 €5.00
What are the Roots that clutch CD Helen Scarsdale HMS 022 finally a new full-length album by Drone Records artist (DR-85, 2007) MURMER aka PATRICK Mc. GINLEY, who lives in Estonia since a while & is still very active with the great FRAMEWORK radioprogramme dedicated to field recordings...the always subtle compositions are based on field recordings & found object sounds, sometimes very pure & concrete, sometimes processed... another drone-highlight with a very own character.. lim. 400 letterpress-cover 2012 €13.00
Songs for Forgetting LP Gruenrekorder GR172LP almost 10 years in the works, this is the first vinyl album by MURMER, culled together from various field / object recordings and his own explorations of little instruments, alone or with others... " The resulting harmonics and pastorally minimalist drones are drop-dead gorgeous, as richly sonorous as anything Pauline Oliveros and Charlemagne Palestine would compose through more conventional means." [Stranded Rec.] lim. 300 with embossed "skeleton leaf" paper cover, a wonderful edition 2016 €20.00
Tether LP Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS 071 Sounds derived from cables, fences, wires, vents via contact microphone are the main sources for MURMER\\\'s captivating drone muzak, making *The Inaudible* audible! - *deep throbbing pulsations from arctic wind generating subharmonic patterns upon thick high-tension wires. elsewhere the subtle dissonance from a rasping cooling fan blooms into a brooding ambience that is sublimely rich in its metallic timbres and complex reverberations* - lim. 200 US import ! 2023 €22.50