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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Däghallmy LP Genesungswerk # 2 Back in stock, the debut-LP of this German ambient / experimental band. Refined minimalism. 1998 €12.00
Neskt 10inch Genesungswerk GW10 / Werkform 5 subliminale drones & vibrations, great 10" EP with 4 tracks, the band with HELLMUT NEIDHARDT aka "N"... 2000 €9.50
Quantenengel / Subdrüse (SOLD OUT) 7" Drone Records DR-51 lim. 250 copies with metal-cover, clear inlays, black vinyl 2001  
Wenn Schauzeichen erscheint, sind die SYSTEME gekuppelt! 10inch Auf Abwegen travel_document # 5 BACK IN STOCK this stunning MULTER release, "a bath made of high-pitched rhythmic electronics and shining guitartunes, very dry and intense, illuminated somehow ..." lim. 500 copies 2003 €12.00
Berge im Bunker CD Consoulingsounds CON 007 finally a new CD by this German project (feat. "N" known for his isolationistic solo-guitar works) who had once a 7" on Drone Records (DR-51, 2001); this release is based on a sound-installation they made to an exhibition of BARBARA MEISNER 2008 & 2009 in a bunker in Dortmund; lim. / numbered ed. 200, handmade cardboard-cover; two long beautiful "experimental overtune-ambience" tracks using metal object sounds & guitars.. highly recommended !! 2010 €13.00
Köln 4/11/2006 CD-R Klappstuhl Records SP 012 high quality recording of a MULTER live concert that happened at the 'Kulturbunker' in Cologne in Nov. 2006; throughout one long piece (54 + min) MULTER (who once released the memorable "Quantenengel" 7" on Drone Rec.) spread their trademark experimental 'post rock' ambience which develops pretty wonderful, very focused and meditative... lim. 50 copies with a handmade metal-plate cover (inside a jewel-case), numbered ed. 2016 €11.00
Basisrealität/Armutsgewöhnungszuschlag/Wolkenkuckucksheim 3 x LP Auf Abwegen AATP86 MULTER from Dortmund (see Drone Records DR-50) are back and what an epic and special release it is! => their first studio material in 10 years, spread on 3 albums with their own titles: minimal electronic structures, very personal spoken words, smooth / meditative feedbacking guitar drones, field recordings, object noises, deep philosophical / existential insights into the own strange reality, dreams, perceptions, addiction, depression... - lim. 100 copies only, incl. inlay with lyrics in german/english 2021 €46.50