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Hypostatic Ground (SOLD OUT) 7" Drone Records DR-54   2002  
For Delta Relics CD Kaos Kontrol KK 009 debut full length of the Finnish true analogue droners (known from DR-54), on their voyage again to abysmal archaic drone textures.. "Finest sonic massives emitting complex syntheses of post industrial, electro-acoustics and harsh ambience; intensive layers of drones and abrasive loops laying foundation to diverse analog sound sculptures.." - lim. 500, artwork STEPHEN O'MALLEY, BACK IN STOCK LAST COPIES! 2003 €10.00
Golyma LP Segerhuva SEGER12 lim. 275 copies / first MNEM LP !! 2005 €14.00
No Cosmic Ox 7inch Negative Foundation NF05 back in stock this phantastic 7" by Finlands "pure analogue" drone noiser... "MNEM music sounds so basic, so raw, so 'old' in a way, its raw ambient-noise full of strange mysterious details.... " - Analog electronics, reel-recorders and tape loops recorded and mixed August 2005 - lim. 500 2006 €6.50
Engrama LP Segerhuva SEGER19 re-release of the early 10" from 2000 plus one long (13+ min) unreleased track.. "Undoubtedly calmer than the 'Golyma' LP yet still intensive experimental industrial with post-electroacoustic undertones. Organically flowing drones and hypnotic, grinding loop sounds of vintage analog sound processing via old reel-to-reel tape recorders and treatments.."lim. 270, black sleeves with cut n'pasted front and back covers; BACK IN STOCK 2007 €15.00
Hegonon LP Sentimental the Finnish "vintage analogue gear" archaic DRONERS + DROWNERS (who once had a 7" on Drone Records named "Hypostatic Ground" in 2002 .. ) are back, with full effect ! "Quite some disturbing sound, full of hissy distortion and the sound is pretty crumbled and loop based. It rotates and rots away; one could almost hear the magnetic particles falling of those old tapes.." [Vital Weekly] lim. 150 copies only 2018 €20.00