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Everything Is One CD Tactical Recordings tactics 07 back in stock, their last full studio album - comes in large oversized fold-out cardboard cover 2005 €18.00
Ambiorix CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 265 the 'Eco-Anarchists' from Belgium are back with a concept album telling the story (based on CAESAR's writing "De Bello Gallico") of the Belgian king AMBIORIX who resisted against the Roman troops; the typical MILITIA sound (martial-percussive industrial) is set against texts sung in different languages, including Latin and Gaul... comes in special eco-leather bags with 4 different logos printed on the cover (12 versions of the artwork exist) + 3 folded insert; 500 copies made 2018 €16.00
The Face of God CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 268 "God is a Dictator!" - re-issue of the deleted box-set (2015), a strong concept album with pugnacious industrial fighting against western religion, absorbing some elements of christianity (church bells, choirs) into these hypnotic noise-scapes filled with the typical MILITIA sounds of self-played percussion, vocal attacks, distorted drones, war samples, electronics... the fight is always on, resistance is always needed! Lim. 300 nice 6 panel digipack 2019 €14.00