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Traces 94-95 mCD-R Taalem alm1 the very first release in the superb French mCD series appeared in 2001 - with this EP by ANDREA MARUTTI aka AMON, who presented older solo material, moving a bit away from the ultra dark 'transcension drone' of AMON into more electronic and harmonic areas, 3 tracks here with the central "Lost in Palenque".. BACK IN STOCK 2001 €5.50
Sleepless Nights / Lysergic Mornings mCD-R Taalem alm 131 ANDREA MARUTTI (aka AMON) started the ever amazing TAALEM series in 2001, and he got now the honour for a second release: the two compositions (based on a special concept to work with "errors", hiss and glitches) show his skills to create pulsing and radiating (dark) ambient with great development, tension and a certain rawness, integrating field recordings and found sounds... 21+ min. of best drone ambient around ! 2019 €5.50