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Mue (la demeure brillante) mCD Metamkine MKCD007 back in stock one of the remarkable releases in the nice Metamkine "Cinema pour l'oreille" mini-CD series; this 21 min long electro-acoustic piece in 7 parts uses extreme poetry/vocals (with texts by french writer WILLIAM PELLIER)and eruptive cut-up/fragmented/processed instrumental and electronic sounds, forming something bewildering beyond all typical genres... special priced now ! 1993 €5.00
L'incandescence de l'etoile mCD Stichting Mixer mxmcd4 spec. cardboard cover 2004 €6.00
Knud un Nom de Serpent CD Intransitive Recordings INT014 re-issue of this great work from 1999 2008 €12.00
Alpha Z Centauris MC Mirror Tapes MT010 three older compositions on this C-30, lim. 250, professional edition & duplication, import from Malaysia (!) 2011 €9.00
Chasser (1re tude naturelle) MC More Mars mm24 a work from 2012 (44+ min. long) that that uses many recordings already made in the 90's - as usual for L. MARCHETTI, no easy, but rewarding listening: many field recordings from mountain landscapes are in the mix as well as electronic sounds, piano and poetry - the result is as unique and suggestive as imaginable.. "Lionel Marchetti manage to approache his music as a source of images, recreating an artificial sound environment, a world within world." - lim. 80 copies, professional cover & tape 2018 €9.00
Jeu du Monde 6 x CD BOX Sonoris SNS-15 great collection of 6 CDs (20 pieces) by the French composer who often creates very dense, dramatic, unsettling or ritualistic musique concrete so INTENSE you can hardly escape from... feat. rare material, re-workings and unpublished material; "Lionel Marchetti takes us through an audio landscape in which the acoustic imagination feeds on nature and its diversity: the desert, the upper atmosphere -mankind- night and day, fire, death, until we disappear into the ocean space" - box with 32 page booklet 2018 €40.00
La grande vallee / Micro-climat LP RECOLLECTION GRM REGRM 026LP two main pieces (1990-1995) by the still underrated French composer, who often creates intense and almost ritualistic musique concrete with a strong surrealistic / dreamy atmosphere, for the first time on vinyl - "Micro-Climat" was born out of his fascinations for clouds, "La grande vallee" has a strong narrative character, the listener is set into constant motion... - absolut high-class audio art and "cinema for the ears" ! 2021 €20.00