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Brusnika (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-77 Ethno ambient Industrial with a shamanistic & hallucinogenic aura from this rising star from the St. Petersburg scene (aka LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET) first ed. 300 copies / red vinyl / handpainted covers, each one unique ! 2005 €6.50  
Bereg Teploj Vesny CD-R Vetvei V03 one-tracker, first part of two-part opus "Spring Shores"; comes in oversized handmade / sprayed colour-cover, incl.3 photograph inserts, lim. 108 copies 2009 €12.00
Tuntury CD Aquarellist aquarel 08-08 finally a new "fabric pressed" CD-release by one of the most interesting Russian projects, six pictures of the world of "thundra-yoga"; lim. 500 2009 €13.00
Tsagan CD-R Biosonar^Labyrint 011 more sound-oriented tracks in the vein of the Brusnika 7", "Lullaby and bathing songs decorated by drones and pipes, bells, breath of dawn"; numbered / lim. 108 copies in nicely printed handmade sleeve 2010 €10.00
Tryakusta CD Vetvei V17 this Russian sound-magician has mixed recordings from 3 live shows together - not one after the other, but all three combined = an incredible hallucinogenic sound that breaths & whispers, a dark mire of atmospheres.. Great again!! Lim. 485 with the usual stunning artwork from SERGEY ILCHUK 2011 €13.00
Uzor CD Biosonar^Labyrint 023 BACK IN STOCK this rare album by the shamanistic drone project from St. Petersburg, collecting chronologically rare material from the period 2002-2004 (all re-mastered), sounding like one long floating organic wave of percussive drones & hypnotic transcension-vibes, with strong East-European touch, pointing to the origins of Eurasian cultures... feat. also the two tracks from the deleted BRUSNIKA 7" from Drone Records (DR-77). Lim. 323 copies, handmade cardboard sleeve, HIGHLY REOMMENDED!! 2011 €13.00
Atanimonni Aitnatsbus 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-16 the fantastic experimental drone/ethno/trance project from St. Petersburg, Russia, with two long tracks (total 23+ min.) of stunning multi-layered compositions, using lots of detail-sounds from animals, analogue synths, female eastern voices/singings, subtle (neo) classic harmonies, bells & gongs... hyper-dense & fluid; both tracks end up in endless grooves (of water & fire), to symbolize the connection to timeless energies; lim. 500 with artwork by ARTYOM OSTAPCHUK, comes on sky-blue & white mixed vinyl 2012 €12.00
Atimudra CD Biosonar^Labyrint 025 masterful psychedelic 'post ambient' drone from Russia's finest trance-inducing project => electronics, field recordings, loops, pulses, strange melodies, strange noises => always subtle, otherwordly, hallucinogenic... like being in an infinite fairy-tale forest, populated with alien creatures and entities... lim. 296 copies, handmade cardboard cover, BACK in stock, the perfect starting point to explore the LADO multiversum 2012 €13.00
O.D.A.L. CD BioSonar^Labirint 32/2015 so far missed CD from 2015 by the Russian cult project: "Shamanic drone ambient with the abundance of layers of all kinds of origin, multi-dimensional worlds of consonances and acoustic phenomena. Perfectly fits for psychedelic tea parties and drowsy journeys in the depths of the cell memory riding the mitochondria. lim. 222 copies, handmade cardboard sleeves." - 6 tracks 69 min, numbered ed., nicely thick gold/bronce on green coloured w. hand-sticked images. 2015 €13.00
A Sherpa's Sleep is More Milk Music CD Zoharum ZOHAR 189-2 glorious new CD (the 1st for Zoharum) by our favoured "Somnabulismdrone" project, excellent new studio tracks.. "a fabric woven from the sounds of various origins: resonant dawns and dusks, roars of distant thunderstorms, rustling of small creatures, sough of wind and leaves, ringing of strings and trumpet calls.... All this swarm of sounds doesn't fall into chaos but builds up in a forest temple surrounding sleeping children, and the air vibrates with emptiness." - lim. 250, hallucinogenic OWL cover ! 2019 €12.00
Khara-Khoto CD Zhelezobeton ZHB-LXXV finally a new LADO studio album, inspired by a name of a Tangut / Buddhist city in the middle ages in today's China... psychedelic - kaleidoscopic drone ambience at its best ! => ' multilayered ambiental sketches with flowing chains of samples, voice loops and acoustic instruments; rhythmic percussive tracks with vigorous pulsating energy; abstract collages made of analogue electronics..' lim./numb. 300 2019 €13.00