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Atoll K. CD-R Tonto #6 full-colour cardboard sleeve 2000 €11.00
If You Dig Syd, Dig for Syd CD-R Tonto #9 13 short pieces on this LEPENIK-release, where he creates a kind of experimental ambience, all based on Syd Barrett-Songs. Great unusual tunes & sounds, absolutely surrealistic atmosphere with glimpses of Barrett-material shining through..... very recommended for lovers of thee obscure! - full-colour cardboard sleeve 2001 €11.00
Treatments CD-R Tonto #18 full-colour cardboard sleeve 2002 €11.00
Music with Words - Rhythms for Dancing CD Genesungswerk gw22 completely overlooked album which unfolds a very strange, surrealistic beauty, using nostalgic film-like quotes, poetry, weird electronic vintage sounds, in its strangeness comparable to KALLABRIS, in its nostaglic flair to old French films or even FIRST HUMAN FERRO's dreamy ambience - a remarkable work from the Austrian musician (once a member of FETISH 69) and label maker (TONTO) from Graz , filed under: uncategorizable nostalgic strangeness... back in stock ! 2005 €10.00
Weibsteufel LP Jazztone 101 after many years, a new release on the KALLABRIS label! - "Weibsteufel" is ROBERT LEPENIK's music for a dramatic theatre-piece act by SIMON WINDISCH, originally written by KARL SCHNHERR in 1914.. expect the unexpectable ! lim. 100 silkscreen cover, design : KALLABRIS 2017 €20.00