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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Anarchymoon Recordings anok22
Release Year: 2008
Note: two live pieces (Marseille & Porto) from 2007; ed. of 600 "2-sided-glue-on-cover-art"
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Dokumentation zweier live-Gigs vom Mai 2007 (Marseille und Porto) von diesem extrem freakigen Body-Performer, der sich eine (mit Kontaktmikros abgenommene) Glasscheibe ins Gesicht presst und durch diese hindurch orales / vokales Lautmaterial hindurchgibt, whrend er mit den Fssen Effekte bedient. Der Sound der dabei entsteht ist hchst abartig, am Ende zerschlgt er die Glasplatte aus einem Kopf was stets in einem kleinen Blutbad endet. Die starke Physis dieser Performance wirkt natrlich am besten "live", aber auch der Mitschnitt sorgt bestimmt fr einigen Eindruck!

"Birthdays consists of two live sets by maverick amplified-glass player Justice Yeldham recorded during his & Keg's recent tour of Europe. If you've never heard of the guy you are in for a bloody treat. Using concert-grade piano contact mics, he amplifies a sheet of glass and plays it with his mouth and face, processing it with pedals attached to his belt, usually barefooted. The results are unworldly, and hearing it you would never imagine what created it, something an Aussie could especially achieve. Like careening assaults of insect spaceships, he transports the listener to other worlds of sound, ending most often in a crash of the glass upon his head. He survives, bloody but alive, never worse for wear in the morning. Side A was captured in Marseille on the eve of Justice's 35th birthday while side B was recorded on Kegs birthday in Porto (for a preview listen at myspace.com/justiceyeldham). And to top off the birthday cheer Keg also did the cover illustration as a gift for Justice's Birthday. Mastered by the god-like Rasheed of Dubplates (Berlin), the record has been collaboratively released in an edition of 600 copies across the world by Anarchymoon Recordings (North America), Turgid Animal (Europe) & All Thumbs Press (Australia). Black vinyl, B-on-W labels, 2-sided glue-on cover art (lim 600)." [label notes]