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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Elevator Bath eeaoa09
Release Year: 2002
Note: project of JOHN GRZINICH, RICK REED and JOSH RONSEN who create swirling, buzzing, oscillating drones from analogue and digital sinustone generators, great flittering and vibrating sounds being permamently mutated and morpohed.. 4 tracks, 55 min. - back in stock !
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Projekt von JOHN GRZINICH, RICK REED und JOSH RONSEN mit betrend-schwirrenden Drones aus analogen und digitalen Sinuswellenerzeugern..
Trio consisting of John Grzinich, Rick Reed and Josh Ronsen, using both analogue and digital sine wave generators, processing and interventions from the radiophonic spectrum. Frequency Curtain formed as a collaborative performance group, for an independent experimental media showcase in Austin, Texas known as Intersect 4. The Frequency Curtain debut (at Intersect 4) was on August 25th of 2001. In order to prepare for the performance, the group held a series of private improvisation sessions for two months prior to the event. What resulted was a highly charged interplay of analog and digital electronic sounds. The four tracks on this CD are excerpts from extended improvisation sessions. [label press release]