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REBEL POWERS - Not one Star will stand the Night

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Strange Attractors SAAH016
Release Year: 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"In 1998, Acid Mothers Temple went on a swing of the UK that sowed the seeds for a new cosmic unit, Rebel Powers. Kawabata, Makoto, Cotton Casino and original AMT drummer Koizumi Hajima met up with David Keenan, guitarist for Glasgow's Telstar Ponies and prominent scribe for London's premier new music mag The Wire, and holed up in South London's Moat Studios to let the heavenly river flow. Rebel Powers explore minimalist sound layering via two long, improvised tracks. Sustained guitar notes resonate and sarangi buzzes swirl while chiming waves of concrete percussive clatter and plaintive vocal wails slowly build momentum. Sounds are methodically layered and gently peeled away, revealing a ringing guitar chord or two at its very core. Pools of sound shimmer and meticulously waver as each note strikes its placid surface, building and building an ominous mood with glacial intensity towards the psyche's breaking point. Imagine the sort of dark themes and tolling guitar found on Popol Vuh's soundtrack to Nosferatu, oozing ever forward and serenaded by the hypnotic call from the mythical Siren. Minimalism is certainly the order of the day, but a sort of minimalism that has been rendered catatonic, eerie, otherworldly. With just guitars, percussive rustles, intermittent sarangi and vocals, Rebel Powers evoke a meditative sphere to get lost in for days. Aside from sarangi, there are no overdubs present, and the music was completely improvised." [label info]