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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - Landscape I / The Forest

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Centre of Wood C.O.W.004
Release Year: 2007
Note: drone / folk - compilation lim. 100 in handmade sleeves closed with little tree-branch. With TIM COSTER, CHORA, WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW, NEBELUNG, and others...
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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CENTRE OF WOOD ist das neue Label von COLD CURRENT PRODUCTION mit dem Fokus auf "Folk" in verschiedensten Varianten, diese Compilation gibt einen Label-berblick mit 15 Stcken von Geruschmusik & Akustik-Drone bis free form / Impro & Neo Folk, mit schnen Stcken von TIM COSTER, NEBELUNG, THROUROOF, PRAGUE, ES, WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW, und vielen uns unbekannten Acts.. Nummerierte Auflage & handgemachtes Cover, kunstvoll verschlossen mit einem Stck Ast!

"[Forestes, the most important influence for "Centre of Wood" label, of every kind and in every part of the world, are a magic place where to get lost and then find our deep relation with the nature. 14 bands from the acoustic, drone, lo-fi and free folk underground called to rappresent through music their relation with these places. The Result is this CD-R that contains more than 60 minutes of weird music. The projects and the bands involved are : Tim Coster; Donato Epiro; Nebelung; Vapaa; Chora; Aalto; throuRoof; Eyes like Saucers; The Katie Winter; Belly Boat; Prague; Es; Las Vegas Club; We Wait for the Snow. Listening to this compilation is like getting lost in a immense green forest, walking through its trees, meet the eyes of its creatures...]
PACKAGING : The packaging is composed of a brown and green heavy cardboard, closed with a small branch and a brown cotton thread, with an insert in perfect d.i.y. old style. limited to 120 numbered copies." [label info]