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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zelphabet
Release Year: 2008
Note: a weird vibraphone piece by WOLLSCHEID, crackling plunderphonics that can only made by AMK, a great ARCANE DEVICE analog piece from the archive, and more lubricious drones from TIETCHENS; nice start of a new comp. series supposed to go from A-Z ; special offer now!
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Wahnwitziges Noise-Culture Compilation-Projekt von G.X.-JUPITTER-LARSEN, welches 26teilig das ganze Alphabet umfassen soll, wobei allerdings die Vornamen der beteiligten Musiker zhlen - auf dem ersten Teil versammeln sich ACHIM WOLLSCHEID, AMK, ARCANE DEVICE und ASMUS TIETCHENS - also alles schon sehr lange aktive Urgesteine der Szene: Irre Xylophon-Arrangements von ACHIM. Loop & Turntable-Madness von AMK. Spannende Klangcollagen mit alten Analog-sounds von ARCANE DEVICE. Und uns ASMUS: hintergrndige Sphren & Drones und anorganisch-konkretes Geschacher im Vordergrund. AA, ein sehr guter ANFANG.

"Almost close to thirty years now span the career of G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, better known as The Haters, and throughout these many years he has met many other musicians, labels and such like. His telephone book is well stocked with names so it seemed him a good thing to make the musical variation of his phonebook, an ambitious twenty-six (well, actually one more) series of compact discs with each three or four musicians with the same letter at the start of their name. So that accounts for the presence of Achim Wollscheid and Asmus Tietchens with the letter 'A'. With names like AMK and Arcane Device further on 'A', one could all too easily think that G.X. knows only old folks, but on 'B' we find the young ones The Beast People, 16 Bitch Pile-Up and Bob Bellerue with just one older person, blackhumour. 'B' is unmistakably the noise variation, with loud distorted pieces by the three new (relatively speaking of course) acts. Blackhumour, where has he been I was thinking, hands in one of his trademark pieces of unprocessed voices. Looped around, cutting them shorter as the piece progresses, this is both a stand still but since I gather not many people know him, it's good to get reacquainted. Bob Bellerue's piece of subdued noise is the best of the rest. AMK on 'A' also does what he seemingly always does, playing with damaged records. It's the least interesting piece on that one. Achim Wollscheid has a great computer controlled piece of playing Xylophone. Arcane Device created a recent mix of old feedback pieces and Asmus is in his recent mood of shimmering microtonal bits and pieces, fed through ring modulation. Great promising start, can't hardly wait. But it looks like a definite compendium of thirty years of difficult music. Subscribe now to this wiki of noise and know all there is to know." [FdW / Vital Weekly, reviewing part A & B]