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Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: ROOM 40 EMDR 417
Release Year: 2007
Note: compilation to the theme "travel", comes in metal-box, with DAVID GRUBBS, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, DALE LLOYD, TOSHIYA TSUNODA, TIM HECKER, FENNESZ, and many more
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Australische Compilation zum Thema "Erfahrungen des Reisens in moderner Zeit" mit Beitrgen v.a. aus dem Microsound und digital-ambience & drone Bereich. Jeder Musiker / Klangknstler benutzte dabei Original-Aufnahmen vom Brisbaner Flughafen, das ganze kommt in einer Metallbox mit Banderole verpackt.

"With David Grubbs, Richard Chartier, Francisco Lpez, Camilla Hannan, Taylor Deupree, Christophe Charles, Dale Lloyd, Marc Behrens, Toshiya Tsunoda, Tim Hecker, Stephan Mathieu, Fennesz, Burkhard Beins, Jason Kahn, Ulrich Krieger, Keichi Sugimoto, Christopher Willits, Joel Stern. 'AIRPORT SYMPHONY' commissioned by the Queensland Music Festival and Brisbane Airport Corporation, documents and synthesises the experiences of travel. Each piece represents a personal meditation on aspects of travel in the modern age and suggests ways in which we control, augment and ultimately exists in a time where almost no part of the face of the planet is inaccessible. Each of the pieces features a source recording made in and around Brisbane Airport between March and June 2007 in a raw form or transformed by processing. Audio diary entries cataloguing the epic possibilities of flight, aero-passage and human bodies in motion and even at rest." [L. English, June 2007]