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FUHLER, COR - Stengam

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Potlatch P206
Release Year: 2006
Note: fascinating sounds created with experimental means (but without any additional effects) on a prepared grand piano, using especially the strings with e-bow & super magnets... impressive work full of overtunes & sustaining drones by this Amsterdam-based composer
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Wenig ist uns bekannt ber COR FUHLER, aber durch die untenstehende Vital Weekly Review fhrt kein Weg an ihm vorbei. Auf STENGAM benutzt er ein Klavier, welches er mit elektrischem Geigenbogen und Magneten bespielt. Nach einem konkret-geruschhaftem Beginn werden die Stcke immer welliger, schwingungsreicher und obertoniger, oder die Drones bekommen einen "metallophonen" und Gong-artigen Charakter. Herausragende Drone-Muzak die ohne Effektierungen auskommt, Anklnge an OREN AMBARCHI, RAFAEL TORAL oder ELLEN FULLMAN. Tip!

"Music by Cor Fuhler has been reviewed before in these pages, but one has to know where to look. Fuhler has been a duo with Gert-Jan Prins under the name of The Flirts, of whom I once saw a brilliant concert, but also improvising with anybody in the Dutch improvisation scene, and beyond, such as with Mimeo. His main instrument is the piano, but "he seeks to take it musically beyond usual perceptions, specializing in sustained sounds with use of various string stimulators: 12 ebows, rotating threads, spinning disks". In addition Fuhler also plays an EMS synthi AKS, as well as building his own instruments, such as a violin with keys: the keyolin. On his new solo CD, he plays an 'acoustic grand piano, using ebows and super magnets. No overdubs, no electronics, no electronic treatment'. Which is something I read on the cover after I heard the CD. Fuhler could have fooled me. I recognized indeed the piano, and yes, there are long sustained overtones, but just as easily I could have thought there was electronic treatment in these subtle walls of droning and sustaining sounds, with sparse interception by the piano itself. So there are none. Wow! Along the lines of Alvin Lucier, but in a much more musical context. Whereas much of Lucier's work stays on the somewhat clinical and conceptual sides of things, Fuhler expands beyond it, and makes great, careful music. It hardly sounds like a disc of improvisation music, as one may expect from this label, but more a disc of composed music. Great stuff." [FdW / Vital Weekly]