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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: A Silent Place ASP27
Release Year: 2007
Note: JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER & MY CAT IS AN ALIEN. Colour vinyl, gatefold-cover, incl. huge poster !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €19.50

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"double LP couloured vinyls (vinyl 1solid RED / vinyl 2 solid WHITE); comes in a luxury gatefold cover, including a huge 70x100 cm. poster (by Roberto Opalio drawing); BLACK MAGIC DISCO ARE:
TOM GREENWOOD / psych-blues guitar, turntables.
ROBERTO OPALIO / electrogalactic guitar, space toys, astral toy-keyboard, piano toy, percussions.
MAURIZIO OPALIO / electric alien guitar, cosmic rays effects, mini-xylophone, percussions.
RAMONA PONZINI / Japanese vocals & hypnotic chimes.
Black Magic Disco is the new all-star band featuring Tom Greenwood (Jackie-O Motherfucker), Maurizio & Roberto Opalio (My Cat Is An Alien) and Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Praxinoscope). The project was born out of an idea from Tom Greenwood, founder leader of the avant-folk-blues ensemble Jackie-O Motherfucker, who invited Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka the Italian improv duo My Cat Is An Alien (MCIAA), and their close collaborator Ramona Ponzini (also involved with the two brothers in the projects named Painting Petals On Planet Ghost and Praxinoscope, as well as in the new collaboration with Z'ev) to perform with him for two months of touring throughout all Europe in May/ June 2005. As one can imagine, the result was killer. The music which came out of the live performances was totally explosive, combining Ramona's Japanese vocals & hypnotic chimes with Greenwood's psych-blues guitar attitude & wild turntablism, over MCIAA's alien cosmic flux of electric guitars, space toys & percussions, creating a still unheard mixture of sounds unifying archaic & post-modern, western & eastern, sky & earth. This debut CD represents a unique chance to experience almost 80 minutes of that pure and magic live action, divided in four long tracks taken from the original live recordings. BLACK MAGIC DISCO's logo comes from the pencil of Roberto Opalio; the gatefold jacket CD artwork, curated by MCIAA contains some band photos taken during the live performances included in the record." [label info]
"... This is a music that grows out of the faith each performer puts in whatever they may come up with ? by the simple act of listening & reacting to one another in the most profound and dedicated way. Again, one of its greatest achievements lies in the fact that it is able to sustain a body of sound that is as intense as it is delicate; something which, in my opinion, is truly unique.
Accordingly, this is not just a testimony to the talents of the aforementioned musicians, but also one of the most passionate love letters MUSIC has received in quite some time. How can THIS not be essential? 10/10" [Francois Hubert / Foxy Digitalis]