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ARC - Arkhangelsk

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Epidemie Records EPR064
Release Year: 2008
Note: new work of the trio with AIDAN BAKER (NADJA), CHRISTOPHER KUKIEL & RICHARD BAKER, rec. Dec 2007
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

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Bei ARC werden die typischen BAKERschen Grundelemente (endlos lange Gitarren-Loops / Delays mit vielen Mikrodetails, die jedoch klar strukturiert sind) mit zum Teil kraftvoller Perkussion und elektronischen Effekten umhllt....psychedelisch, improvisiert, dronig, eigenwillig.. Anklnge an TARENTEL und andere Post-Rock & Ambient-Guitar-Drone Projekte...

"Four sixteen and seventeen minute tracks, the first a glistening glimmering long form metallic shimmer, laced with rainfall like
percussion, skittery snares, long stretches of glitched out electronics, muted barely there rhythms. The second starts off like a less jazzy Necks, lots of space, softly strummed guitars, strange scattered percussion, soft swarms of electronic FX, backwards swoops,
processed cymbal sizzle, subtly ominous and haunting, eventually the drums explode and the pound out a reverb drenched rhythm, while the
guitars grow thicker and slightly more propulsive, eventually blissing out and fading out completely. The final two tracks are quite similar, beginning as deep soft shimmers and building in intensity until they become these reverb heavy tribal free jams, thick with droned out shimmers, and layers of fuzzy gauzy ambience, sort of like the Swans meets the Necks, or a blissed out Einstuerzende.
Not the sort of stuff we're used to from Baker, but definitely cool, and certainly a bit more challenging than much of his more
soothing blissed out drone / dirge output. If you dug the other one, you'll for sure dig this, and if you're looking for something a bit abstract, a bit jazzy, a bit krauty and a bit drone-y, then this could well fit the bill.
Packaged in a striking sepia tone 6 panel digipack style sleeve, and again, we have very few copies, so when we sell out, please be
patient while we try to get more." [Aquarius Records review]