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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Faraway Press FP 04
Release Year: 2008
Note: re-issue of early FP-release, handmade gatefold-sleeve (first 250 copies). Project of ANDREW CHALK, DAISUKE & NAOKU SUZUKI
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €19.00

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"Ghosts on Water is Andrew Chalk and Daisuke Suzuki and together the produce some of the finest quiet music around. On his solo recordings Andrew treats sound as a sort of misting or blurring of the senses. He blends the individual sounds into a multi-coloured expressionist colour-field. Daisuke's presence adds an extra dimension to the sound. There are sketches of melody in the slowly tumbling strings that, in places, give the work a vaguely eastern exoticism. Indeed it is the presence of what could, admittedly with a little stretching of the definition, be classed as melody that makes this album so impressive. It has an inherent lyricism that flows along and even across the broad, washing tones upon which everything is built. As ever, heartily recommended." [Wonderfulwoodenreasons.com]