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GROWING - Lateral EP

Format: 12
Label & Cat.Number: Social Registry TSR064
Release Year: 2008
Note: vinyl version of 4 track EP, includes Mp3 coupon
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Vinyl-Version der neusten EP dieses New Yorker Ambient/Drone-Duos, deren Analog & Guitar-Sounds mal wieder hchst schwingend & vibrato-schwanger klingen... full fuzzy guitars, extreme Vibrato-Melodien, analogue blurbs berall, leiernde Sounds wanken umher...eine sehr eigene Version von psychedelischem Drone-Sound...

" Brooklyn-based ambient-drone duo Growing never fails to please the devoted. It could also easily be said that the duo has failed to
truly diverge from their original starting point. Although, part of the charm of this sort of music is indulging in a process of creation that celebrates the difference and repetition within a given theme or concept; expanding or investigating a specific idea over a length of
time. Thus, if you like Growing, you'll love this EP. All of the usual landmarks are here: a Nadja on opium meets some sort of Windy &
Carl and Labradford hybrid, heavy filter manipulations, masked, aquatic tremolo and chorus leads, and full-on auto-pan attacks that completely embrace stereo dynamics. We've read that -- specifically within the ambient-drone scene -- Growing has been particularly
reluctant to utilize computers, preferring to employ pedals and more organic looping techniques. Still, a quick listen to this release unearths enough digital-sounding distortion to make the listener wonder whether or not these two dronesters have finally caved in or not. Fans of long, drawn-out melodic landscapes or psychedelic explorations won't want to miss out on this one. Definitely recommended." [Aquarius Rec]