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WLDCHENGARTEN - Distractions

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Phisteria PHI006CD
Release Year: 2006
Note: third full length album by the fabulous Dansk Droners
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Trotz diverser hervorragender Releases sind die Dnen WLDCHENGARTEN weiterhin ein Geheimtip fr Drone-Freunde. Elektronische, rauhe & majesttische Drones voller amorpher Elemente sind ihre Spezialitt, Soundquellen sind kaum auszumachen, im Klang liegende Wellenbewegungen bestimmen das Bild. "Distractions" ist ihr drittes "full-length" Album.

"The senses are hit by a typhoon of charged electricity, which sends your mind into a cabinet of mirrors where darkness folds and unfolds. The sound image presents itself as an inseparable unity in which myriads of parallel sequences are constantly undergoing transformations. Transcend through ethereal radiation!" [label info]

"Since seven years Wldchengarten exists as a lone but strong voice in the world of Danish experimental music. They have had a couple of releases (see for instance Vital Weekly 510, 465, 380, 338 or 265) which all can be noted for the strong love of noise and drones. Everything they do deals with electronics, from the samples they use to the sound effects and the analog electronics. Noise is never the end result: rather Waldchengarten use noise to create an effect that is trance inducing. Also Waldchengarten has no theme, it seems. No track titles, no obscured nazi images or any such things known to the world of noise, all they (the two brothers Hansen) care about is playing mind altering ambient industrial music, and they do a great job. They can easily be compared with the likes of Troum. Forcefully present, but twistin' the senses. With 'Distractions' they created an even finer balance in the music, moving slowly forward with their sound. Every new release is an improvement from the previous, slightly refining the music. Waldchengarten doesn't take big steps, nor are they in for a radical change, but with releases at this rather slow speed, it's quite alright. So far their best release." [FdW / Vital Weekly]