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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Auf Abwegen aatp24
Release Year: 2008
Note: four phantastic solo / collab-tracks by CEDRIC PEYRONNET with guitarist PIERRE REDON, a mixture of atmospheric drone expanses ruptured by more concrete field recording moments, interwoven in a delicate & subtle way.. "This is quite vivid, imaginative electro-acoustic music. Great stuff." [Vital Weekly] BACK IN STOCK
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Die field recording drones von TOY BIZARRE im Zusammenspiel mit PIERRE REDONs feiner Gitarrenarbeit! Auf vier Stcken (zweimal beide zusammen, je eines beide solo) vermischen sich kunstvoll schwelend flchigen Klnge, immer wieder durchbrochen von elektro-akustischen Momenten, fein & subtil verwoben.

"This collaborative effort brings us some of the most beautiful and atmospheric instances of composition with nature. the four tracks, some
solitary works, some creatied by using field sourcings of the opponent, feature subtle wildlife field recordings, detailed electro-acoustic passages, swelling metallic drones and amplified silences." [label info]

"...Toy Bizarre is perhaps one of the last 'old' guys to use his band name rather than his own name, Cedric Peyronnet, which is good. Pierre Redon is a much younger guy and never used a band name, which is also good. They have been playing music together since 2002. Peyronnet is in fine electro-acoustic mood and Redon's main instrument is the guitar and electronics. They both play two pieces, Redon springtime and autumn (first and last piece), Toy Bizarre summer and winter (the two pieces in the middle). Listened closely to the music, one can spot the differences, even when Redon uses field recordings and Toy Bizarre makes his field recordings sound like drones. The result should appeal to all lovers of drone related music with a good, sturdy look at the world of field recordings. Subtle music goes loud, noise music goes subtle. Mind you, this is not a work of microsound. There is much more happening than just a few static crackles built from a ten second rain sample. This is quite vivid, imaginative electro-acoustic music. Great stuff." [FdW / Vital Weekly]