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Format: 3 x CDR
Label & Cat.Number: Ruralfaune rur024
Release Year: 2007
Note: 3 CDRs of exclusive tracks by 45 international artists from the "experimental drone folk & beyond" scene:... UTON, SILVESTER ANFANG, FURSAXA, TANAKH, TOM CARTER, BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA, BEN REYNOLDS, VOLCANO THE BEAR, GIANLUCA BECUZZI & FABIO ORSI, etc etc.. ed. of 300, comes in a wallpaper-cover, sold out at the label !
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Ausufernde Compilation auf dem DIY-Label aus Frankreich, wohl etwas ironisch als "Ode an France" untertitelt. 45 Projekte zwischen kraftvoller Drone-Psychedelia, wirbelnden Analog-Electronics & Instrumental-Madness, so ziemlich alles aus dem Bereich "Experimenteller / Impro Folk-Drone" was man sich nur vorstellen kann...

"A quick look at the listing of groups on this super limited triple cd-r collection of songs from France, or about France, or with some sort of French angle, should have most weird music fans freaking out bigtime. All exclusive tracks from tons of AQ faves, including: The Shitty Listener, Quetzolcoatl, Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, Silvester Anfang, Heavy Winged, Tom Carter, The North Sea, Taiga Remains, Ashtray Navigations, Uton, The Futurians, Mike Tamburo, Tanakh, Black Forest Black Sea, Ben Reynolds, Volcano The Bear, 6majik9, CJA, The Stumps, Gregg Kowalsky, Fursaxa, Seht, Valerio Cosi, Fabi Orsi, Birds Of Delay, Bjerga / Iverson, Robert Horton and more more more. 3+ hours of strange and magical sounds from all over the world, but all centered around France. From the ultra lo-fi barely audible pop genius of The Shitty Listener, the gorgeous mournful steel string Appalachian folk of The North Sea, the washed out murky drift of Quetzolcoatl, some super spare solo electric guitar drift from Tom Carter, a bit of haunting high end tribal buzz from Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, some gorgeous shuffle and twang, slither and creep from Silvester Anfang, an epic druggy slowburning NZ-style krautrockish jam from The Stumps, some whispered crystalline shimmer from Fursaxa and we could go on and on. Varied and expansive, from folk to drone to noise to pound to swirl to buzz to twang...
As with all RuralFaune stuff, meticulously packaged, each one hand assembled, three spray painted discs, rouge, blanc and bleu (the colors of the French flag), housed in a cool textured red and orange wallpaper cover, in a thick vinyl sleeve, with a sticker on the front. Inside is a huge fold out, 2 sided poster insert, with liner notes on one side and a painting on the other, as well as a bunch of other inserts, stickers, a tiny square of paper hand numbered and a "piece of blotting paper impregnated with red wine"! LIMITED TO 300 COPIES. We will NOT be able to get more..." [Aquarius Records]