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MICO NONET - The Marmalade Balloon

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Mico Nonet Records mn1001
Release Year: 2007
Note: beautiful melancholic drone-scapes in the way of OPION SOMNIUM or RACHELS, played on classical instruments & electronics
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Das fnfkpfige Ensemble um JOSHUA LEE KRAMER verbindet Kammer-Musik-artigen Wohlklang (Viola, Cello, Horn, Oboe) mit vorsichtig eingesetzten elektronischen Sounds - rein instrumental, Filmmusik-mig, athmosphrisch, luftig, melancholisch, aber nicht dster oder aufdringlich. Auf den 13 Stcken bewegen sich vor allen Dingen Streicher im Vordergrund, es sind nicht die "grossen" Melodien die hier im Zentrum stehen, sondern eher die allgemeine Stimmung die erzeugt wird, zeitlos und irgendwie "zwischen den Welten"....

"The five musicians at work here all have day jobs with symphony orchestra's, all over the world: from Berlin, Richmond, Baltimore to Philadelphia. Only their leader, one Joshua Lee Kramer (who is a member of Matt Pond PA) is not, and he's also the only one who plays synthesizer. He describes Mico Nonet as 'ambient chamber music' and quite right it seems to me. French horn, oboe, cello and viola are the other instruments and they play quiet chamber music that you could easily define as ambient. 'The Marmalade Balloon' is their debut album with thirteen relatively short pieces that glide by like a cold winter, sun-covered day. It's cold outside, warm inside, and this music is the perfect soundtrack for such a day. Sustained tones, glissando and pianissimo
with the synthesizer very much pushed to the background, producing an overall color, rather than adding sound. Highly atmospheric music that could come straight out of the Cold Blue Music catalogue. Peaceful music, without being a cliche or new age...[FdW, Vital Weekly]

"The Marmalade Balloon is the year's ultimate flirtation with subtlety and seductiveness. Existing somewhere between the neo-classical and the ambient, Mico Nonet fashion a world that is hazy and succinct, at times dark and haunting and others playful and inspiring, but always open to personal interpretation. The balance between musicians is gracefully maintained, where neither the electronics nor the strings are ever overly pronounced as to withdraw the listener from the intoxicating, spellbinding trance which The Marmalade Balloon invokes. The future will certainly take this musical act on a variety of different presentations, but with their strong understanding of musical space and development, we're confident that they'll be a favorite for years to come. " [Jordan Volz, The Silent Ballet]