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HECKER, TIM - Norberg

Format: maxi-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Room40 EDRM414
Release Year: 2007
Note: fabulous one-tracker rec. live in Sweden in 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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"....Imagine if you will sitting on the sand of some enchanted beach somewhere, precisely at the intersection between land and ocean, where the waters break upon the shore. This is like an endlessly crashing wave of drones and rumbles, the sound swirling around ones ears, initially breaking into myriads of liquid cut-diamond arpeggios glinting in the pure sunlight and submerging the body in womb-like warmth; and then slowly and infinitesimally receding, the music clinging longingly, almost reluctant to let go. Paradoxically, one doesnt feel stifled or as if grasping for breath; instead, theres a feeling of timelessness and limitless freedom, as if one could be absorbed by the waters and somehow find oneself a part of every single drop of water in the oceans and seas. Also paradoxically, even though the drones drape one in the velvet of the deepest ocean depths there is contradictorily a fragile beauty, airiness and lightness evident throughout." [S:M:J63, Heathen Harvest]

"Recorded at the Norberg Festival (Sweden) amidst the mineshafts and cluttered buildings strewn throughout parts the city, this 21 minute live piece summarises much of what makes Tim Heckers music so vital and compelling. Adept at counter-pointing the most ferocious of distorted platters with smooth beds of ambient sound and potent melodic overtones, Tim Hecker creates music with a vast depth. On Norberg, this depth seems almost endless, as layer upon layer of sound are compiled into a swelling and all together visceral oceanic sound wave.
Recently touring Australia and New Zealand and performing at ROOM40S annual festival Open Frame, this CD comes on the back of some incredible live performances in the Southern Hemisphere." [label info]

label-website: www.room40.org