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Format: pic-10
Label & Cat.Number: Southern Lord SUNN87
Release Year: 2008
Note: great looking pic-disc design by SELDON HUNT, lim. ed. of 3000
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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ONLY VINYL IS REAL! Erst einmal fllt die beeindruckende Cover-Artwork von SELDON HUNT auf, zustzlich zum SPLATTER-igen picture-vinyl gibt es noch gold & schwarz bedruckte klare Inlays, sehr passend zum dem unglaublichen tief-morastigen Sumpf-Bass-Drones die hier erzeugt werden, man meint die hohe Lautstrke mit denen hier die Verstrker in Schwingung versetzt wurden immer noch zu spren, alles steht kurz vor dem ZERBERSTEN, und irgendwo da drin in diesen tiefen Feedbacks ist eine menschlichhnliche Gestalt die chzt & sthnt, ein sterbendes Monster... DIE BESTIE IST LOS! Selten einen so tiefgrunzend-abartigen Sound vernommen...
In der Tat, auf 33 klingts noch besser als auf 45, und es drhnt lnger.... so LIEBLICH!

"The Burial Chamber Trio is: Oren Ambarchi (Guitar, Analog Electronics), Greg Anderson (BASS/subsonics) & Attila Csihar (Vokills, invokations). Live recordings from the groups performance in Rotterdam, Holland in Jan. 2007 at club: Wurm. 10"Picture disc // with original art and packaging design by Seldon Hunt. Two transparencies with gold ink/printing on them." [label info]

"....For this outing, Ambarchi and Anderson are credited with sub bass death throb, while Attila is responsible for undead voices. And that's pretty much what it sounds like, sub bass throbs with haunting undead vocals woven into the heaving roiling mass. There seem to be some guitars in there too, maybe some electronics, but it's hard to tell, it's all smeared into a single swirling blackened mass. When we first listened to it, we played it at 33 (which we're assuming now is NOT the right speed, so hard to tell sometimes), and we thought, wow, this is even slower and sludgier than ever, but once we figured out it was meant to be 45, the sound reverted back, closer to the sound of SUNNO))) or the older records of their forbears Earth. Slow motion riffage, glacial and thick, massive and blown out and super distorted, muffled and murky, a sluggish sprawl of caustic crumbling guitars, the vocals barely audible, a haunting raspy growl way down in the mix, often just sounding like another buzzing bassline, hum and fuzz, dense and intense, all melted down into a viscous black crawl. Occasionally, the random bits of riffage and low end rumble coalesce into truly gorgeous harmonies, lovely and chordal, like some blackened church organ, but for the most part, this is the sound of guitar tones allowed to ring out forever and beat against each other, the air filled with oscillating overtones and strange tonal colorations, all beneath a patina of thick black buzz.
Amazing cover art as well, a gross out gutted worm picture disc, with a transparent skull and bugs insert on one side, and another sick silkscreened artwork overlay on the thick plastic sleeve, all courtesy of Mr. Seldon Hunt. Recorded live, in January of this year, in Holland. And of course, you had to know this part was coming: LIMITED TO 3000 COPIES!! And if it's anything like the other Burial Chamber record, it will sell out FAST." [Aquarius Records]

label: www.southernlord.com