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EARZUMBA - Real Ruido Pastizo

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Editions-Zero # 13
Release Year: 2007
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

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Embrace the unexpected! Again C.D. manages it to create very unexpected and uncommon soundscapes made up out of found sounds & samples. This has at times even a jazzy & funny feel, but its like being in a totally deranged & transformed reality-system. Collage-music, Loops, all arranged very nicely. Check it out!

"Christian Dergarabedian is by now more known through his Earzumba than his previous engagement with Reynols, and releases a great bunch of great CDRs. More and more he relies on the sampler to be the crazy melting pot of sounds and here he seems to be taking matters a bit further. From the field recordings of 'Intro' to a heavily cut up reggae collage madness in 'Descuidado'. Spinning vinyl by hand and picking up crazy fragments, and not by strange coincidence Editions_zero remarks that this is a nice soundtrack to a b-movie. I was playing this a couple of times in a row, and each time I turned it back on and discovered new themes in this crazy road movie. It has a strange appeal, this madness, this hotchpotch of music. A strange kind of radio play even when words aren't really used here to any extent. Not even a real story actually now I come to think of it. Turntablism without turntables. A story of no words, but the perfect soundtrack to out and make your own crazy roadmovie." [FdW /Vital Weekly]

"I managed to create a film score sensation giving the dynamic as if it were done strictly following a script. Includes one mash up in between Bernard Herrmann & Silvestre Revueltas." [Christian Dergarabedian]

label: www.void.gr/absurd