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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Force of Nature fon08
Release Year: 2007
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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"Telepherique, one of Germany's most recognizable names, has returned with another masterpiece. After almost one-hundred
releases over the last eightteen year on many respected labels like Ant-Zen, MSBR and Old Euroupa Cafe, Force of Nature is honored to
present 'Slowmotion'. Telepherique's new album 'Slowmotion' is not the first album in which a critical view on society is presented to the listener. For example with the project Telerotor they released 'Modern Times' and 'Mobility', two highly conceptual albums with a vision on the hasty life and connectivity in modern times. But in contradiction with their earlier social conscious albums, 'Slowmotion' has a ritualistic ambient flow which enforces the listener to take it a step down; To see and live things in 'Slowmotion'. It is well said on the inlay: "This CD is dedicated to all the people who try to simplify their life in modern times, marked with materialism, business, stress and sickness". The eight tracks have notitles but they are divided into three 'steps', being "Out of balance", "Down shifting" and "Fountain of flow". The whole results in a ritualistic, flowing album with moments of rhythm, ambience and complex soundscapes." [label info]

"...but it is safe to say that 'Slowmotion' is well chosen title: the music is mostly ambient in approach, with long washes of synths, but it's never the big A ambient. Telepherique also uses rhythm, a lot of it, but it's a slow pulse, whenever it is used. Not exactly dance music, but a sort of driving pulse, a heart beat if you want, or the steady bump of a train ride. You watch outside and the landscape slowly changes, with altering colors and sceneries. The rhythms have a sense of tribalism, which is not far away from some of the mechanical beats of Muslimgauze. Excellent production of music that is best heard when traveling. Leave what you are doing behind and start a journey with this as its soundtrack." [FdW / Vital Weekly]

label website: www.forceofnature.cc