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TROUM - Nargis

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: VivaHate Records VHR-45-002.1
Release Year: 2007
Note: the dark & roaring side of TROUM; ed. of 500 / part one of the "Landscapes Single Series" / full-colour artwork & inlay designed by MARS WELLINK (adVANCED); last copies back in stock, now SOLD OUT at label!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.00

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Sehr rauhes, etwas lteres Material, basierend auf verzerrten e-bow Gitarren & extrem verlangsamten Gesang... majesttisch & unheimlich zugleich... die "heavy" Artwork stammt von MARS WELLINK (VANCE ORCHESTRA), fullcolour cover & inlay.

"Latest slab of guitar based whir and drift from these masters of the drone (they do in fact run the DRONE record label after all).
Formerly Maeror Tri, Troum embody the drone, they live, breathe, eat and sleep drones. And it shows. Their records are gorgeous and epic,
but seem so effortless, as if the sounds they create are simply channeled through their corporeal forms, but have been created in
some fiery forge at the center of an alien planet.
The first half of this single still sounds like Troum, but is unlike anything we've heard from them, strange looped high end guitar, what sounds like backwards chords, almost choral vocals, dramatic and haunting and cinematic, very much like some super stylized horror movie music almost, warbled and wavery, over a distant grinding low end tone drifting way off in the background, washed over by epic sweeping swells..
The other side is a bit more raw and intense, a seriously corrosive guitarscape, distorted and crumbling chordal buzz, looped
and layered into a strange glacial riff, strewn over deep dark swirls of slow shifting sound and haunting minor key melodies. It manages to
be intense and fierce but also gloriously washed out and blissful.
Super swank, full color covers, full color inserts, and pressed on nice thick vinyl. And of course limited, just not sure - how- limited..." [Aquarius Records]