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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Some Place Else SPECD07040
Release Year: 2007
Note: back in stock this phantastic multi-layered multi-drone one tracker (69+ min.) CD of the Swedish project, created with diverse guest musicians and sound sources => smooth / earthy dronescapes, whispering voices as coming from an intermediate dimension, surrealistic, microdynamic and complex... a true drone masterpiece !!
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SADALSUUD ist ein fantastischer one-tracker, ber 69 Minuten lang, der mit diversen Gastmusikern und einem wahren Arsenal an verschiedenen Instrumenten und Soundquellen entstanden ist. Sanfte, "erdige" Drone-scapes, aber mit sehr dsterem Unterton, eine surreale Atmosphre heraufbeschwrend, flsternde Stimmen aus einem Zwischenreich sind omniprsent, immer wieder tauchen neue interesante unbekannte Klangobjekte auf, es tnt sehr lebendig & mikro-dynamisch, zum Ende hin wirds noisig & komplexer...
Ein Drone-Meisterwerk, vielleicht das bisher beste Album von M.P., unsere besondere Empfehlung !!!

"....For this album, Mathias collaborated with a number of his colleagues who provided him various source sounds to work with. The name Sadalsuud refers to a star of the same name in the constellation of Aquarius. The name comes from an Arabic phrase meaning "the luckiest of them all". Nevertheless the album is rather earthy-sounding, yet mystical and surreal, almost claustrophobic at times. The sound is vaguely reminiscent of some works by Nurse With Wound, Maeror Tri or The Halfer Trio, but carries the trademark Moljebka Pvlse feel. An unsuspecting pre-listener described Sadalsuud as "a visit to a supposedly haunted house, though only once you've entered the house you begin to grasp the real meaning of haunting." CD in matt-varnished 4-panel digipak. Playing time 70 minutes." [label info]
" Latest disc of sonic exploration from this Swedish dronescaping ensemble. With such a darkly minimal sound, it's amazing that, at least for this recording. Moljebka Pvlse included ten members! Credited, with among other things, sounds (yep, just 'sounds'), no-input mixing board, synthesizers, melodica, field recording, cymbals, guitar, voices, flute, electric piano, text, didgeridoo, mbira and supercollider(!), this expansive ensemble takes all of that and manages to distill it into the darkest and simplest of sounds. A nearly seventy minute single piece, slowly sprawling out from a stretch of barely there shimmer into gradually more and more active low end minimalism. Long drawn out tones, mysterious bits of glitch and click, haunting voices, moaning and mumbling, chanting and intoning, bits of creaking and tiny swirls of FX, deep swells of synth and barely discernible rhythms, everything constantly shifting and gradually changing shapes, some parts almost coalescing into fragmented bits of actual pop (albeit stripped down and smeared), while others are mostly melody free, remaining stretched out and abstract. Quite sinister and lovely, dark and subtly intense, not all
that far removed from the sounds of Troum and Thomas Koner and other practitioners of the drone and drift. Which as avid AQ customers
should realize, is indeed a very good thing." [Aquarius Records]