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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Edition RZ 10016
Release Year: 2007
Note: pieces performed at Inventionen 2005 & 2006-Festivals in Berlin, by EDGAR BARROSO, MARIO VERANDI, PAUL WILSON, RICARDO CLIMENT, VLADIMIR DJAMBAZOV, LUDGER BRMMER.
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"Elektroakustische Kompositionen von Edgar Barroso, Mario Verandi, Paul Wilson, Ricardo Climent, Vladimir Djambazov und Ludger Brmmer. Aufgenommen bei den Inventionen Festivals 2005 und 2006" [label info]

"Diverse newcomers from the "academic" New Music-area are to find on this great new compilation from Edition RZ, presenting the participants from the INVENTIONEN-Festivals in Berlin 2005 & 2006. Most composers work with field recordings or acoustc object phenomena and process these sounds with digital software means. The brilliant piece from EDGAR BARROSO i.e. uses only the "noise"-components of instrumental sounds (called "residuals") and creates with help of the new software (SMS-Spectral Modeling Synthesis) amazingly complex layerings of the "secondary" noises." [Drone Rec. info]