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HUM - Flesh of the Soul

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: QUAG twenty two
Release Year: 2007
Note: after many self-released CDRs and Cassettes this is the first proper CD by the Russian drone project and beloved Drone Records artist, presenting here 9 mantric drone meditations that are winding around the listener in a very subtle & almost imperceptible way, lulling you into a deep trance.. music like secretful whispers of nature, like the revealed singing of the ether.... dark but not depressive, and full of emotional depth; lim.300
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Nach vielen selbstveröffentlichten CDRs hier endlich die erste "grössere" Veröffentlichung von HUM, "Flesh of the Soul" besteht aus neun mantrischen Drone-Meditationen, die einen sehr sanft und fast unmerklich umschlingen....Musik wie das geheimnisvolle Wispern der Natur, wie der hörbar gemachte Gesang des Äthers. Klänge die das Mysterium der Existenz ausdrücken & wiederspiegeln, dunkel aber überhaupt nicht depressiv...
HUM schafft es immer wieder, die Drones nicht "banal" klingen zu lassen, sondern voller emotionaler Tiefe... und höchst authentisch!

"Being well-known to the inner circles of russian industrialists for his long-time work under different names, Hum didn’t have such an attention that he deserves until now, when Quag decides to change the situation and to offer the first CD of this brilliant russian talent. His mystical cold ambient explores the nature of soul and the soul of nature, the mysteries hidden in the sky, the earth, the water, the forest. Simple and minimalistic musically, Hum is very complex in its influence on a listener’s perception. Quiet unconstrained sound sorcery opens the higher realms of the unseen. Being far from dark and depression Hum is even more far from New-Age-like garbage. Recommended for those who wants to have a rest from darkness without dipping in syrup. The first edition of 300 copies in a special “Quag-pack” printed silver-on-black. IST 024 CD" [label info]

"Finally, after the numerous CDRs and one 7” on Drone Records, this is the first factory-pressed CD of this brilliant drone-ambient project. “Flesh Of The Soul”, which is definitely one of the best works Dmitry Chistov has ever done, is a real masterpiece of cold transcendental soundscapes. The album is filled with majestic melancholy, it is clear and soothing, there’s a plenty of veiled melodies and celestial harmonies hidden inside its simple sound structures. It sounds a bit nostalgic cause Dmitry uses only old-fashioned tape-technique and analogue synth loops, utilizing digital devices just for the final mastering, but the atmosphere is very special, reminding of early Zoviet France, Maeror Tri, Tesendalo or Aidan Baker. It could seem very peaceful and calm, but beyond this bright and peaceful surface the sorrow and darkness is hidden. The beauty of this music is enchanting and it is hard to resist its magical spells, so it might be difficult to fight the desire to play this album over and over in yearning to experience again the tender touch of this unearthly Flesh Of The Soul. The album is limited to 300 copies and comes in special package printed silver on black. Very recommended!" [press release / Indiestate]