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GAL - RGB / Experimental Videos

Format: DVD
Label & Cat.Number: Teder Music TDR007
Release Year: 2005
Note: www.tedermusic.com
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Seven experimental video-clips by this artist (full name is GAL TUSHIA) from Israel, with musical help by label-manager DAVID OVADIA aka MAURIN, made to "expand the boundaries of the ordinary visuals found in everyday life". Colourful movements & shapes appear in behind an almost dissolving surface, extremely coloured landscapes, nightdrives, strangely coloured birds, flickering lights in square-shapes, and the music consist of soft drone-loops, slow tribal beats & analogue sounds.
"Takes the viewer through a slow, hypnotic journey into "pixel", colored "reality". Its images are accompanied by experimental audio ambiance and minimal beats composed by Gal & Maurin." [website info]